Eric SlaughteR, LMFT- Lead Therapist

Massachusetts LMFT License 1714-MH-MF.  DC LMFT License LMFT000230

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I became interested in marriage and family therapy when I was volunteering as a hospital chaplain. I discovered that pastoral care was often not enough to properly support the needs of patients. I built a new plan to learn more psychotherapy, and after four years of study, became a marriage and family therapist.

Today, I provide a variety of psychotherapeutic relational interventions including work with couples, individuals, and families. The process is refreshing and rewarding and begins to conclude when clients start to rewrite their own relational stories. You will address such things as attachment history, coping skills to help you regulate, and development of competences in controlling/balancing your daily life. All interventions are trauma-informed. The latest evidenced-based techniques are used. Privacy, safety, and confidentiality are always our first priority. Take care of yourself and call or email me today.